Monday, September 15, 2008

Zaid's Resignation: Its an honor thing to do

Zaid Ibrahim has rightly tendered his resignation after having criticised the government's decision on the use of the ISA over RPK, Teresa Kok and a journalist from a chinese daily (albeit being released immediately after the arrest) last week. Unlike Muhyiddin who is the elected Vice-president of UMNO, the major ruling party, Zaid, as an appointee, is expected not to have his own principle or something that is contrary of his master. Indeed, there is another good reason why Zaid should have resigned. It was reported yesterday that Zaid was very frustrated over the issue of his nomination for the Kota Baru UMNO Division Chief post which he alleged were being sabotaged by certain quarters. If Zaid, being the de facto Minister of Law could do nothing to address the legal issues which affects the UMNO election system, one could not hope so much of him in trying to reform the country's legal or judicial system, of which he were supposed to undertake. Given such a situation, resignation is the most honorable thing to do and I hope it's not going to be a gimmick.

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